GSOSW Goodies!


This is a collection of things that are unique to our council.  Sometimes they're just things I like to remind other leaders about, and I don't want to keep looking for the links.  :)


Our council likes to spotlight events and activities that our Scouts participate in out in our communities and post them on their Facebook Page.  To submit a #TroopTuesday entry to GSOSW, do the following:

  1. Take 3-4 pictures of troop event or activity
  2. Write 1-3 sentence explanation of event or activity (include your troop number!)
  3. Email to with subject “Troop Tuesday”

Council Patch Programs

There is a mix of fun and unique patches available via our local council.  Most of them have specific requirements to earn them, but they are still fun patches that go on the back of uniforms.  Check out the offerings here.

Council Official Forms

With the redesign of our council's webpage, I keep personally forgetting where to access the important forms.  If you have a similar issue, it's HERE.

Default Troop Address

You can now designate a shipping address for your troop so that things like Rocket Recruiter patches or other council-sponsored patch programs always get shipped to the same place.  Historically, those things have been sent to a random Leader on the roster.

If you'd like to designate a specific troop address for them to mail things to, please send that name and address to and make sure you include your troop number!

Emilee's Shareable Resources

Things that are probably unique to my council and/or service unit, but feel free to use if they're helpful.

For Any Volunteers

  • Adult Roles - Description of available roles and list of requirements for that role.
  • Volunteer Requirements - How to access gsLearn and find the right training and info about background checks.

For Treasurers

For Troop Leaders

  • Troop in Good Standing - What does it mean and how do you do it?
  • Progression & Travel - Awesome chart to show age levels vs activity types and what trainings are needed for them.  Also includes the Safety Ratios quick reference.

For Service Teams

  • On-Demand Active Troop Report  (Setup | Run) - Automagical Excel Macro that uses Looker to mimic an ATR and email individualized reports to troops.  (The initial setup is intense.  But once you get through the one-time setup and walk through the first full running of the macro, you can run the entire report and email individualized reports with highlighted trouble areas to your entire Service Unit in less than 15 minutes.)  :P