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Let's start off with a helpful hint.  On October 30, 2015, GSUSA rolled out a new perk for Lifetime Members.  In addition to not paying annual membership dues anymore, you can now also take advantage of a permanent 10% off full purchase coupon for the main online Girl Scout Store.  I have now saved enough on my badge and uniform purchases that combined with the not paying annual dues has already more than covered the cost of the Lifetime Membership.  If you're on the fence about it, maybe this will help:

Parent Survey

I also have a link to my Parent Survey that I give out to all of the parents at the beginning of the year or to parents of new scouts who join later.  The top half is a thinly-veiled etiquette contract, and the bottom is to solicit the degree of engagement I can expect, and what things they're able to help with.  Feel free to alter to suit your needs:  Parent Survey

If you're on a phone, hold down the link to choose to download or it will automatically try to open Google Sheets or Google Docs depending on what you're clicking on.  PCs should have no trouble.

Badge Planning Cards

I made little cards that have each of the badge themes on them with the badges that go with that theme so that as the girls vote for what they want to do, it's easier to grab all of those cards and move them around on the calendar to get a schedule setup for the year.  And because I like them to be uniform, I designed a cut file in .svg format that can be used with a Cricut to cut them all out.  Just use the 18 card .svg for the first 3 pages and the one labelled for Daisy Petals for the last page.

If you pick different colors of cardstock for each page, you'll even end up with themed cards.  One page is all Journeys, one has the High Adventure and Progressive Sets, one has Financial/Annual stuff, and one has the rest of the badges (good to fit into a normal meeting).

Badge Planning Cards (Word Document)
Badge Planning Card Cut File (.svg for 18 card pages)
Badge Planning Card Cut File (.svg with smaller Daisy Petal lines)

After importing the .svg files, make sure they're sized to 8" wide to match up with the Word doc.

My Leader Binder

Now, the rest of this page is dedicated to my Girl Scout Leader Binder of Power™.  These are documents/spreadsheets I've created to help me keep my troop organized.  I use a large zippered binder to maintain all of my troop's badge tracking, financials, permission slips, etc.  The binder I use is this one: Awesome Zipper Binder and it has served me well so far.

I use these documents, and you are welcome to download them and use/alter them to your heart's content:
Troop Financials Helper
Roster and Attendance
Year Plans
Badge Checklists

I have a new version of an Attendance Tracker with automatic color-coding that you can try out as well.

If you're curious how I set up my leader binder, you can check out the following:

I have 4 sets of the 8-divider tabs with the following sets:

In front of set 1:
A zipper pouch that has the top pouch holding the checkbook and any money or receipts that have been turned in.  I move the receipts to the bottom pocket after they have been recorded in the financials spreadsheet.  The back pocket has all of the extra deposit slips in there for product sale deposits for council. 

Then a single page blank receipt log where I write down exactly who gave me money, how much, and why. All of the parents know not to walk away until they see me write that down.  The back of that page has a to-do list for when I need to remember to do something for someone later.

Set 1:
Roster and Attendance
Year Plan

*We have all 6 levels, and these sections contain a copy of my troop-level tracker and a page for each girl right behind it.

Set 2:
Dues (just tracking dates of when they got paid)

Set 3:
Next June**
Balance Sheets
Permission Slips (the annual kind)

**Each month has a print-out of the bank-statement followed by photo copies of every receipt and transaction to make it easier to balance. The Balance Sheets section uses my home-made financial tracker to help build the end-of-year report automatically, and I just print it after I balance each month.

Set 4:
Fall Product Sale (final printouts)
Cookie Sale (final printouts)
Uniforms (pictures of each level's uniform placement guides)
Notes (normal notebook paper)
The other 4 tabs are blank at the moment and get used as I have special needs throughout the year.