Let me introduce myself...

Hi!  My name is Emilee Rea and I really, really like to be organized.  I joined a newly forming troop in March 2012 with my eldest daughter who was then in Kindergarten and within a couple months was asked to take over the co-leader position because the original co-leader didn't really want to be a leader and the main leader couldn't do it all herself.  I felt really lost.  I was a Brownie and a Junior as a kid, but the badges all looked different and I couldn't find anything that we could use to track what we were doing.  I assumed that GSUSA would have badge checklists and meeting plans just ready for the taking!  What do you mean I have to track financials?  Why are there so many different kinds of permission slips?  Cookies?  Ummm.....

So, training helps with a lot of those, but not everything.  Now that I know better, I've been creating all of the resources that I need to keep my troop organized.  I created this blog as a way to organize the resources I put together and to have a central place to keep track of all of the things that I share in various social media groups.

You may freely share the link to this blog to any member of Girl Scouts that you feel would benefit.  If I provide a link to an editable document, you have permission to edit that thing to suit your needs.

I don't really like all of my stuff getting added into the various Files sections of Facebook Groups because then other leaders are not getting the updates when I make changes, so if you'd please include a link back to here when you post my creations to files, I'd feel much better.  :)

If you have any questions, you can find me on Facebook or email me.

~ Emilee