Badge Checklists (Badgez)

Checklists below include badges released as of July 2023!

If you'd like checklists for the retired 2001 set of badges, 
please scroll to the bottom of the page.

These badge checklists are created in Excel and allow you to track up to 12 girls of the same level by default.  There are instructions in the first tab for how to combine multiple workbooks to have more than 12 girls of the same level, or to form a workbook for a multi-level troop.  Each workbook contains a troop-level tracker that auto-fills completions as the 12 individual girl pages are updated.  Please read the Instructions tab before using the Excel version of these checklists.  They are a little sensitive to not following directions.  :)

If you only need PDFs of the badge checklists so that you can stick with the tried and true pen and paper method of updating, you may download those instead.  There are versions for both individual girl checklists and a troop level tracker for each level.

For all of the files on this page, if you're on a phone, hold down the link to choose to download or it will automatically try to open Google Sheets or Google Docs depending on what you're clicking on.  PCs should have no trouble.

My checklists are also being used as the Individual Girl pages in the Trax spreadsheets created and maintained by Audra Edmunds.  You can follow our progress each summer when new badges get released in that Facebook group if you'd like (make sure you answer all entry questions AND AGREE TO THE GROUP RULES to get approved):

Audra also helped me name my version of the checklists, so from now on, they'll be called "Badgez"!

Troop Tracker PDF


Google Sheets Users - My number one comment/question is about using these spreadsheets in Google Sheets instead of Excel, so I thought I'd elaborate here.  I don't personally use Google Sheets, and I can't create Google Sheet specific versions that will just work because of how tab names get referenced.  But as of 8/15/23, I did make some changes that make them work better in Google Sheets.  

If you are using Google Sheets, the first thing that you will need to do when you open the spreadsheet is go to the File Menu and choose Settings. You might get a pop-up box about it removing some conditional formatting (I haven't figured out what it's trying to remove) and you need to choose "Continue editing" if that happens.  You will then get this box:

It lets you control how often Google Sheets recalculates fields. First click on the Calculation tab, then you need to change the dro-down to say "On change and every minute". This setting is specific to the spreadsheet you have open when you select it, so you will need to do this EVERY TIME you download a new Badgez spreadsheet.

After you have changed that setting, future renaming of tabs in that spreadsheet will take up to a full minute to populate across the other pages, BUT IT WILL EVENTUALLY SUCCEED! Excel is instantaneous, so it took me a bit to figure out why Sheets was just sitting there and never seeing the new sheet name.
The next biggest gotcha with using Google Sheets is that it strips the protection off of the poor defenseless formulas. If you're using Excel, you can't even click on things that I don't want you touching. But with Google Sheets, all of that is gone. Use at your own risk... and understand if you type over a formula, it's gone. You will need to download a clean copy of the spreadsheet, find the cell you assaulted, and copy/paste the original formula from the clean source to fix this if it happens.
Even more fun, these spreadsheets have a lot of hidden/invisible formulas. (Usually white text or a tiny font lurking in what looks like an empty area.) Sometimes I need to do partial calculations to control what you see, which means you might accidentally delete a column that looks unnecessary and suddenly you have #REF errors all over the place. Always save your work before making any major changes, and recognize that it's possible to break things you can't even see.

Retired Badges - checklists for the 2001-2011 series of badges:

If you're looking for a quick checklist that lets you track completed steps for retired badges from the 2001-2011 series of badge books, here are some files:  

Brownie: Excel Checklist | PDF Checklist
Junior: Excel Checklist | PDF Checklist
Cadette/Senior/Ambassador: Excel Checklist | PDF Checklist

Additionally, if you are looking for the requirements for the formerly "Online Only" badges from those sets that weren't in the original badge books, you can access those here:

Brownies Try-Its | Junior Badges | Junior Signs | CSA Interest Projects